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Maximum monthly Social Security benefit for 2019

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The Social Security Administration denies about 75% of disability claimants nationally after the initial application. Don't go at it alone, get the help you need now.

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People who were newly awarded Social Security benefits in 2017


People that received benefits from programs administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA) in 2017

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We help Americans just like you get the benefits they deserve by connecting them with local attorneys and advocates who can maximize your return in the shortest time possible. Call now, or fill out a quick evaluation to see if you can qualify for benefits and get the help you need to quickly receive and maximize your benefits.

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A free phone call to our professionals will quickly determine if you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. The consultation is free, and with no obligation. You can start the application process right away if you choose to proceed!

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Applying for benefits with professional help improves your chances of approval by about 40%. Significantly increase your chance of approval and maximize your benefit dollars by applying with our knowledgeable specialists.

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Call today to get started! Applying by phone with an advocate on your side avoids the long SSA lines, confusion over forms, and chasing down your medical records. Avoid the pitfalls of applying on your own and the risk of denial by contacting our professional advocates.

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